A Digital Nervous System for the New Web

Coasys is building an sense-making layer for the new web, incentivising collective intelligence

What is Synergy Token?

A currency backed by the value of provenance

As we are transitioning from the information age to the age of intelligence, data with provenance will become increasingly valuable.

We are developing a search (and reward) engine, the Synergy Engine, where data with provenance becomes an asset, spawning a new information ecosystem. Use your digital actions as reputation, contribute to query capacity, and be rewarded.

About the sale

How it works

You define what you want and how to get it

Synergy Engine does not rely on opaque algorithms or centralized services. A query in the Synergy Engine is like a vault, where the key to unlock it matches the query specification. This incentivises peers in the network to complete the challenge by finding matching data.

Use natural language, get precise answers

Using a personalised AI your questions get translated to precise semantic relationships between data with provenance, providing trustworthy results.

Prepurchase Token

How we do it

A network that ties it all together

We developed the ADAM Layer as a new interoperable social layer unifying independent ecosystems into one open web.

Connect any data you have ownership over:

More on ADAM

Building on ADAM

Making distributed app development easy

Use ADAMs complete SDK to build social applications no matter the backend. Any app built on ADAM contributes to the capacity of the Synergy Engine, thus providing a one click economic layer for your app and it's users.

Flux is a our flagship application demonstrating the capabilities and interoperability of the ecosystem. Flux comes with a powerful plugin system enabling communities to develop their own tools, or use official ones like video chat, kanban boards, posts, and more.

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Meet the Team

Moritz Bierling

Universal amateur, network operator, and technician of the soul. 9+ years living and working between domains, industries, and organizations. Writes, speaks, programs, organizes, facilitates, bootstraps, supports, and so much more.

Dora Czovek

Administrative operator with 15+ years of experience.

Bård Hovde

Senior frontend engineer with 13+ years of experience. Previously worked for some of Norway's largest companies.

Nicolas Luck

Co-founder and Chief Architect of Coasys and ADAM. Senior developer with 20+ years of experience. Former lead developer of Holochain core. Former developer at Holo Ltd., leading the implementation of their €20m ICO.

Tomis Parker

Co-founded the Agile Learning Centers, a self-directed education framework used by 70+ communities worldwide. Partner and Facilitator with Grow Dialogue, an organizational culture consulting firm serving Fortune 100 companies.

Joshua Parkin

Co-founder of Coasys, ADAM, and Flux. Senior developer with 9+ years of experience. Previously CTO at an AI company.

Fayeed Pawaskar

Senior level frontend engineer with 5+ years of experience in web and mobile development.

Leif Riksheim

Leads Coasys frontend development. Senior engineer with 9+ years of experience. Previously worked for some of Norway's largest companies.

Eric Yang

Co-founder of Flux and leads Coasys strategic partnerships and fundraising efforts. Technical background with 7+ yrs of experience at the intersection of operations, design, and engineering.