A Digital Nervous System for the New Web

Coasys is building an open and interoperable agent-centric web, as well as tools for greater sensemaking and coordination at any scale or complexity.

Core Innovation

ADAM is an interoperable social layer that sits in between UIs and storage technologies, unifying independent ecosystems into one open web.

With ADAM, users own their identity, data, and social graphs, and can coordinate independent of apps or base-layer technologies. ADAM apps also are written in a uniform methodology, allowing for interoperability, reusability, and composability.

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Reshaping Collaboration

Coasys is also developing Flux, a VC-backed decentralized collaboration toolkit with a powerful plugin system enabling communities to develop their own tools, or use official ones like video chat, kanban boards, posts, and more. Flux is the first app built on ADAM to demonstrate the capabilities and interoperability of the ecosystem.

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Synergy Engine

The Synergy Engine is the distributed search engine of the entire ADAM Layer. It offers a powerful way to find more relevant, reliable, and trustworthy information through the ecosystem's collective intelligence, and does not rely on opaque algorithms or centralized servers.

The Synergy Engine also works with any existing protocol (Holochain Layer1, centralized backends) since it leverages ADAM, which abstracts and unifies independent ecosystems into an interoperable web.

Traditional Search

How it Works

Your Social Graph as a Search Engine

With the Synergy Engine agents can create and exchange custom graph patterns, uncovering meaningful connections across social groups. Explore matching graph patterns from selected agents, and utilize the network's propagation capabilities to access diverse insights and data through an ever-expanding social graph.

Traceable Chain of Discovery

Synergy Engine offers a system where information is tracked and signed by agents, creating a clear path to see how information spreads through the network. By decentralizing query resolutions, and by making its social stack transparent, we can foster more trust in the information ecosystem.

Give Answers, Get Rewarded

Users can earn Synergy Fuel by simply opting in to relaying or resolving search queries in the background. By sharing your wealth of knowledge and connections, you can earn Synergy Fuel, which can also be used to fulfill your own searches.


Meet the Team

Moritz Bierling

Universal amateur, network operator, and technician of the soul. 9+ years living and working between domains, industries, and organizations. Writes, speaks, programs, organizes, facilitates, bootstraps, supports, and so much more.

Dora Czovek

Administrative operator with 15+ years of experience.

Bård Hovde

Senior frontend engineer with 13+ years of experience. Previously worked for some of Norway's largest companies.

Nicolas Luck

Co-founder and Chief Architect of Coasys and ADAM. Senior developer with 20+ years of experience. Former lead developer of Holochain core. Former developer at Holo Ltd., leading the implementation of their €20m ICO.

Tomis Parker

Co-founded the Agile Learning Centers, a self-directed education framework used by 70+ communities worldwide. Partner and Facilitator with Grow Dialogue, an organizational culture consulting firm serving Fortune 100 companies.

Joshua Parkin

Co-founder of Coasys, ADAM, and Flux. Senior developer with 9+ years of experience. Previously CTO at an AI company.

Fayeed Pawaskar

Senior level frontend engineer with 5+ years of experience in web and mobile development.

Leif Riksheim

Leads Coasys frontend development. Senior engineer with 9+ years of experience. Previously worked for some of Norway's largest companies.

Eric Yang

Co-founder of Flux and leads Coasys strategic partnerships and fundraising efforts. Technical background with 7+ yrs of experience at the intersection of operations, design, and engineering.